Outstanding "Rang Leela" performance by our students

Outstanding "Rang Leela" performance by our students

Outstanding "Rang Leela" performance by our students

Posted on June 7, 2023

On June 3, we performed our latest production "Rang Leela" on stage at Clarksburg High School, at the 50th year Golden Jubilee celebrate of Sanskriti DC " Borne Gondhe Chonde Gitite". 

Watch here: Rang Leela video

Rang Leela - Fusion Dance Drama

Dancilla Fusion Dance & Fitness - www.dancillafusion.com

Lead/ Dancer/Director/Choreographer: Sonal Mazumder 

Dancers: Akanksha Agrawal, Deepshika Dash, Hemangi Gohil ,Janani Shankaran, Katherine Elliot, Mina Jain, Monika Bihan, Soumya Chigurupati, Susheela Chigurupati, Sumati Patrick & Sonal Mazumder

In collaboration with Mahua Deb & her team

Conception/Script/Drama Direction: Mahua Deb

Actors/performers: Aaditya Deb, Ishayu Ghosh, Driiitan Chakraborty, Mahua Deb Susmita Ghosh

Holi, a popular festival, is the cente of celebration as presented in Rang Leela. Conceptualized and directed by Sonal Mazumder and Mahua Deb, the collaborative effort from the drama team and Dancilla Fusion Dance students has brought to you an ensemble to interpret Holi to the current generation in the form of Bengali literature and Fusion Dance form. Let's enjoy the colorful event as we engage in time travel.

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