INDIAN FUSION DANCE (Ongoing/Admission closed)

INDIAN FUSION DANCE (Ongoing/Admission closed)

INDIAN FUSION DANCE (Ongoing/Admission closed)

Indian Fusion Dance is a dynamic convergence of Indian classical, Bollywood, folk, contemporary, and modern dance styles, seamlessly intertwined with Western choreography. It offers a vibrant platform where diverse dance techniques coalesce, inviting students of all backgrounds to partake in its colorful tapestry of movement and expression.

Rooted in the rhythmic traditions of India, classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Odissi infuse the choreography with elegance, storytelling, and intricate footwork. Meanwhile, the exuberant spirit of Bollywood injects pulsating energy and theatrical flair, captivating audiences with its emotive gestures and lively sequences.

The inclusion of folk dance elements adds a regional flavor, celebrating the cultural richness of India's various traditions. From the spirited beats of Bhangra to the graceful twirls of Garba, each folk style brings its unique charm and narrative to the fusion.

Contemporary and modern influences push the boundaries of movement, incorporating fluidity, abstraction, and innovative choreographic concepts borrowed from Western dance forms. This fusion transcends cultural barriers, offering a platform for artistic exploration and collaboration, where every student is welcome to embrace the diversity and creativity of Indian Fusion Dance.

Date & time: May 4 until July 20, 2024 (10 classes)

Skip dates: May 25 & July 6 (Long weekends)

Saturdays, 10:30 AM

Level/age: Everybody welcome!

Instructor: Sonal Mazumder

Location: Dancilla Fusion studio at Montgomery Village, MD.
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